Homestead Ranch


Homestead Ranch

Homestead Ranch is a Trophy Elk Hunting Ranch, we have been in the hunting business since 1938. We strive to cultivate long-term relationships through honesty and integrity. We want you and your friends to come back again and again. Learn more about our elk hunting operation.

A Guide That Knows

Your guide designs the hunt around your needs. You will hunt one-on-one with a guide that knows these animals and the mountains they inhabit. We guarantee 100% success and satisfaction, your guide will get you into position to shoot your trophy elk. Ready for an adventure?

Black Mesa Lodge

Your accommodations are first class with a private room in our beautiful Black Mesa Lodge. Our lodge is a modern 10,000 square foot building. It also has a dining room, cash bar, big screen television and other wonderful amenities. Learn more about our lodge and accommodations.

Colorado Trophy Elk Hunting

We have a true high mountain ranch located on the North Rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River at the elevation ranging from 8700-10,000 feet. You would be hard pressed to find a more scenic Trophy Elk Ranch anywhere in the world.

The natural elk habitat on the ranch is spruce and aspen covered slopes with open alpine parks. Homestead Ranch is just a stones throw from the Black Canyon National Park.

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    Elk Meat for Sale!

    Imagine eating meat that is leaner than beef, low in fat and cholesterol and has a higher content of protein than beef or chicken. Welcome to Elk meat. Elk meat is the alternative to other protein meat sources.

    If you've never tasted Elk meat before, you are in for a wonderful treat. When you purchase our Elk meat, you will be surprised how tender and flavorful the different cuts of meat provide.

    Our Elk graze on naturally grown mountain grass, plants, free of steroids, and hormones. Our Elk are free of all diseases. Our Elk thrive on thousands of mountain acres in a stress free environment with little or no pressure.

    At Homestead Ranch our Elk meat is a dark red and very dense and we offer these healthy, flavorful cuts of filet, ribeye, steak, tenderloin, and hamburger at a below market price. We sell our elk meat at the price of $4.25 per pound. Our elk meat is sold by the quarter, half or whole carcass. We have limited quantities, call for availability. Call Brent Curtis @ 970-270-8180 for more information.