Colorado Trophy Elk Hunting Outfitters


Why is high fence real elk hunting?

  Hike, ride or horsback through the mountaneous lanscape.
  Spot and stalk bulls that will make your blood boil.
  Drop camp, and work with experienced guides
  Rifle hunt in the rut
  Choose your style of hunting (tree stand, still, spot & stalk or calling)
  Hunt with any weapon (rifle, muzzleloader, or archery)


High fence interview with Ted Nugent

"Of course, if all the factors of escape and stealth are in play. Terrain, size, layout, balanced animal populations, the very conditions that determine quality hunting anywhere determine the quality of the experience, fenced or unfenced. The easiest deer I've ever killed were whitetails in Illinois, Nebraska, and South Dakota, due to these universal truisms, but lack of hunting pressure. Conversely, the most difficult deer I have yet to kill are found on my own SpiritWild Ranch in central Texas where for the last 21 days, I haven't killed jack squat. Go figure."
-Ted Nugent

Hunting Testimonials

  You could not ask for a more super, enjoyable trip than this has been, especially the day were we went out to try and chase down this big bull we'd been looking for...
- Mark